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Phone Line Switchover

With the change of technology into the digital age. The increased need for internet connectivity has put a strain on the copper system that has always been around.

Due to this all major phone infrastructure is being switched over to a digital optical fibre system.

But what does this mean for you?

If you have broadband installed at home your current provider will be supplying you with a new broadband router. On the back of the router is where you will connect your landline telephone. With the new technology you will get a clearer line without any interference. The downside is that if you were to have a power cut you would lose your phoneline until the power has resumed.

If you don't currently have internet at home then you are going to be looking at an extra expense to incur every month with packages ranging from £20 - £45 per month which is expensive for a service you are not really using.

How long have i got?

BT has stated the following "By 2025, the UK's current phone network will be retired and upgraded from copper analogue lines to a digital service." We have been made aware of areas of East Sussex that have already fully transitioned to Digital service only.

What are my options?

There are a few choices available:

Mobile Phone - If you already have use of a mobile phone then we suggest that this is the number you use as your new main contact number. If you have Bluetooth hearing aids then you can connect your mobile to the hearing aids. This will provide a very clear connection that we find works well for a lot of our clients.

If you don't currently use a mobile phone, these can be picked up at a low price with a small monthly charge of around £6.

Sim card based landline phone - There is a new product that has been launched by geemarc. This is an amplified phone that looks like your typical landline phone (See photo below).

It runs off of mains power but also has a battery backup for use during power cuts. This system works on the same network as a mobile phone so will require a sim card. This will cost you approximately £6 a month which is cheaper then most current landline prices.

Both the above options do require that you have mobile phone coverage in your area. You can find out if you have suitable coverage by following this link - Ofcom Checker

If you're home address does not have suitable mobile coverage then unfortunately your only option is to pay for an upgraded service for home broadband.

We are currently trying to work on a partnership with a local supplier to offer a home phone package.

If you have any further questions then please get in contact with the technical team


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