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Ear Wax Removal & Ear Health Check

Do you have concerns about your ear health? Are your ears feeling a little blocked? 

During your appointment your ear will be examined checking for wax or any irregularities. If you require wax removal our qualified Microsuction Technician will perform the procedure. Following this we can perform an audio hearing screening if required. This would allow us to assess your current level of hearing and whether further tests are advised.


What is Microsuction?

Microsuction involves using a low-pressure suction device to gently 'vacuum' ear wax out of the ear canal. It is the gold standard in ear wax removal and is considered much safer and more comfortable than irrigation or syringing. It is also the only method suitable for removing ear wax from an ear with a perforated tympanic membrane (ear drum).

To prepare for your appointment please follow these steps for each ear being treated:

  1. Apply olive oil-based ear drops once or twice a day for three days beforehand (unless a perforated tympanic membrane has been diagnosed, in which case do NOT use ear drops)

  2. Massage the area in front and behind of ear so the oil moves down the ear

  3. Lie with head on side for a few minutes to ensure treatment reaches the wax

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