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Hearing Screening

East Sussex Hearing are dedicated to promoting good hearing health for all. 

Our free and confidential initial hearing screening service for adults includes checking for wax, assessing the general health of your ear canals, and using an audiometer and headphones (shown below) to test your everyday hearing ability.

Web image - Our services - Hearing Screening (Centre Drop-in and CLIVe Outreach).jpeg

At the end of the screening session you will be given a copy of your hearing test results to take home with you, including any recommendations we may have discussed with you.

When booking a session with us, please use the 'Add Your Message' box to let us know why you are making a booking and any hearing-related concerns you may have.

You may not be experiencing difficulties, but just want a general ear health check-up, and that's absolutely fine by us - prevention and knowledge puts you in control.


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