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LIFE: A 1960s Musical Show

The Hart: Event Poster
LIFE A 1960s Musical Show

All the action takes place in Eastbourne, during the 60’s using songs to further explain their situation. All five girls are at the centre of the narrative and all belong to different age groups & almost have nothing in common. Each of the girls encounter problems and difficulties in their life, but their main concerns are all about relationships with men. In order to find some solutions & share their situation’s with others, they all regularly write letters to someone named Hedda Hopper. Hedda works as an agony aunt in a Women's magazine, where she offers tips and advice to the girls on how to overcome any and all particular difficulties.

LIFE is a tribute to the 60’s, the people who lived through them and the Diva’s who helped make it all a decade to remember. To book tickets visit:

As their chosen charity, East Sussex Hearing are delighted to receive all proceeds from this event.


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